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Lot's of gaming talk this cast, including, Golden Demon News, The new contrast paints, and people being arrested for being terrible people.

We're back!

Joe went to Adepticon, Steve did not This is there story

Joe lost the first 20 minutes. It was mostly about porn.

The boys dip in to mailbag for some free content

Soda Pop is a bust! Zak Sabbath is a douche! and other things too

The boys talk about MIllenial Bigfoot, Cryptids, and the Las Vegas Open.

The boys talk about Privateer Press' new boss and whether or not he can save a sinking ship. Also a review of Blackstone Fortress and House on Haunted Hill Legacy.

The boys talk about the new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay system, The new Call of Cthulhu Starter Set and assorted other things tangentially gaming related.

The boys are told from the fans what their resolutions for 2019 should be.

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