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GW news including 40k Deathwatch and Kill Team. Joe talks about hating MDF terrain, and Steve of course talks TREK.

This episode brought to you by Dragon-Fall, a Gaming Convention, at Pheasant Run in St. Charles IL, Oct. 15 and 16.

2 day 40K Champs event.  This year we are using the ITC format.  1850 pts.
2 Day Kings of War event.
2 day X-Wing Event,
And lots of single day events.  These incude:
  • Infinity ITS
  • Bolt Action- Escalation format, which is a new concept
  • 9th Age- using the new 9th age senarios
  • Arena Rex
  • X-Wing Hanger Bay
  • X-Wing Trench Run (which was in the Bolt Action room at Adepticon this year.  I am sure that you saw it.)
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